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Integrity-Medico Legal was founded by orthopaedic surgeons and lawyers who identified a need for more robust medico-legal reports that stand up from both a medical and legal perspective.

Integrity Medico-Legal connects personal injury lawyers and insurers with experienced medical experts who have both great clinical expertise and knowledge, as well as a real understanding of legal causation, quantification of damages, and the practical elements of pre-court and litigation strategy. Integrity Medico-Legal experts produce reliable medico-legal reports that hold up to scrutiny at conference and cross-examination at trial.

We are always eager to meet like-minded medical experts and allied health professionals. If you think you might like to join our team, or learn more about consulting as an expert witness, please call us on 1300 INT MED.


The Integrity Medico-Legal team is comprised of medical experts on the ground for face-to-face and video-exams across the country, as well as our brilliant and efficient administrative staff, and in-house legal consultants. Our Legal Team are highly experienced personal injuries litigation lawyers, specifically trained in medico-legal work. We educate our experts on how to report in a clear, comprehensive, reasoned manner, preserving their independence. This ensures Integrity Medico-Legal reports are of the highest quality from both medical and legal standpoints.