Debbie Anderson


Debbie Anderson BA (Hons), MA (Clinical Neuropsychology) is a highly experienced clinical neuropsychologist.  

Debbie graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1988. Currently Debbie is the Director and Principal Neuropsychologist of the Brisbane Neuropsychology Clinic.  

Debbie has many years of experience providing medico-legal assessments to assist personal injury lawyers. She is recommended for clients with cognitive impairment. She will undertake extensive testing of your client with an empathetic, caring approach.  Her reports are thorough and in demand.

Debbie Anderson personally consults in Brisbane.

Debbie  is qualified to provide complex independent medico-legal reports for motor vehicle injuries in Queensland, ACT, Tasmania, Western Australia and Northern Territory; for Public Liability matters in Queensland, ACT, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and Northern Territory; for workers compensation matters in Queensland and Tasmania; and for Comcare, Superannuation, and DVA matters nationally.

To make a booking or for more information, please call 1300 INT MED.

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