Dr David Johnson


Dr David Johnson, Brain and Spinal Neurosurgeon MBBS (Qld) FRACS

Dr David Johnson is a brain and spinal neurosurgeon who has had a pioneering role in the establishment of multidisciplinary spinal practises and holistic care for neurosurgical patients for over twenty years.

Dr Johnson has a particular interest in comprehensive spine pain management and is a leader in the field of surgery and rehabilitation for the epidemic condition of Low Back Pain.

Dr Johnson is an Olympic Weightlifting Coach and nationally competitive, highly ranked Functional Fitness Athlete, finishing top ten in Australia from 2021-2024 in the CrossFit Games Worldwide Open. His passion and pursuit of elite lumbopelvic biomechanics have enabled him to establish the Functional Movement Training Centre in 2015. This is the first specific and distinctive spine rehabilitation centre that addresses the disease of “Movement Dysfunction”. A term he coined to emphasise that epidemic levels of spine-related pain must have a ubiquitous and reversible root cause.

By following this paradigm, he has aided the recovery of thousands of patients with chronic low back and neck pain. Dr. Johnson is the first clinician in the world to publish the Clinical Model, which describes the cause of low back pain symptoms. He has published broadly on many back pain-related issues and is a sought-after public speaker and educator on the topic.

His extensive experience in the industry and his unique appreciation of functional causes for spine-related pain make him a valued expert in medicolegal assessments of spinal injury, where functional biomechanical deficits are the prevailing cause for pain and disability, even in the absence of overt structural injury.

Dr Johnson personally consults in Brisbane.

Dr Johnson is qualified to provide complex independent medico-legal reports for motor vehicle injuries in Queensland, ACT, Tasmania, Western Australia, and Northern Territory; Public Liability matters in Queensland, ACT, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia, and Northern Territory; Workers’ Compensation matters in Queensland and Northern Territory; and Comcare, Superannuation, and DVA matters nationally.

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