If your lawyer or an insurer has referred you for a medico-legal examination with us, it (usually) means they have asked one of our doctors to provide a written report about your injuries, how they have affected you since the accident, and how they are likely to affect you in future.

Your appointment will include a lengthy discussion as well as a physical examination.

The doctor will already have been given many documents relevant to your claim – such as some of your medical records, and maybe some reports about the accident – but it is important that you come prepared to discuss:

— How you were injured
— What treatment you have had
— Your current medication
— Medical and accident history
— How the injuries affect you day-to-day, both at home and at work.

Please have a think about this in the days prior to your exam. If you can provide examples of how your injuries affect you now, that will help make the most of your discussion with the doctor.

The doctor will not provide any treatment during the appointment. If she or he thinks you would benefit from a certain type of treatment, they will mention it in their report.

Make sure you bring your x-rays and wear appropriate clothing (including underwear) for examination.

As some consulting suites are in large hospitals, they can be tricky to find. Please refer to the Experts page for guidance, and aim to arrive early, so you won’t feel stressed when you arrive.

If you have a cough, shortness of breath, fever, or for any other potentially Covid-related reason it’s not going to be appropriate for you to attend in person, please call our friendly reception team on 1300 INT MED (that’s 1300 468 633) and they’ll liaise with your solicitor to shift your appointment to video or reschedule.

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